Dresses for bride and groom

Wedding dresses

Every little girl dreams about a wonderful white dress to wear at the altar while pronouncing the faithful yes to her beloved. It has to be a seductive dress that emphasizes the silhouette, perfect for a romantic and classic bride but also for a modern and audacious one.

Trends for 2017/2018 
The last trends for wedding dresses are beautiful Chantilly lace, beads with organza flowers or precious stones that can create a tattoo effect on the skin. This seems to be the latest 2017 trend for brides.


Groom suit

The choice of the suit is extremely important for the groom, too.
For 2017, the most important brands proposed models that combine the modern and the classic styles. You can decide between a one-button suit with a deep neck line and slim revers or a more structured double-breasted blazer and tight for more classical grooms. The damasked fabric seen during 2015 is still in fashion.

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