Bouquet and floral decorations


The flowers will accompany you in every important moment of the whole ceremony and the bouquet represents the last gift from the groom to the future bride, offered that same morning. This is the official end of the engagement and the start of a new life together.

New trends for 2017
The bouquet cascade is no longer fashionable, so it is time to choose something more minimalistic and chic. In 2017, one of the major trends is a mini bouquet. In this way, there is a reshaping but the result is always very glam. Together with this, one of the coolest 2017 bouquet is made up of a few elements, from one to three flowers, but they will be oversize to fulfill the entire look. This style is perfect for a modern/ contemporary style.

The main color of 2017 bouquet is green, so there will be a lot of leaves, sprigs and flowers with this shade, which can be brighter in spring and darker or greyer in winter. 


Flower decorations

According to your ideas, we will study the whole flower decorations, from the church to the restaurant, the car but most of all the bride bouquet, helping you with original ideas. Sometimes, a jar of wildflowers can make your table elegant.

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