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Inaugurations of shops

Openings in style

Behind the inauguration of the shops there is a lot of work and at the decisive moment you do not have to be found unprepared or tired. Opening a shop means offering it to the public, making it appealing, attractive, without casting stone.

The shop's inauguration is a key event in the life of the new business, an opportunity to present itself to customers, get acquainted with them, showcase the venue. Since this is a very delicate moment, it is always advisable to rely on experts. Il Riso e il Raso takes care of every detail, organizing invitations for you and contacting the best catering and entertainment services to make your event a winning and impressive opening.

Our experts will analyze the target activity target by choosing the best solutions:

  • If you are targeting a young audience, the opening of the stores will have trendy music and possibly a very well-known dj in the neighborhood or an exceptional testimonial
  • If the target is the children, we will focus on their fun with games and entertainment or by inviting the characters of their favorite cartoons or actors who play the best known movie clips
  • If the target is the man or woman in the career we will organize a more refined and elegant opening or anyway in line with the style that will have the store.

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