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A destination wedding is a term used to define a wedding organized from abroad by foreign couples or by Italian couples in different regions. It is a growing trend.

In most of the cases, they are strangers who choose wonderful Italian locations, because they want a wedding in a place full of history, art and beauty or simply because they fell in love with Italy after a vacation or a work journey. So, they decided that Italy has to be the background for their most beautiful day: their wedding day.

But Italy can also be chosen by Italian couples who decide to get married in other regions, or also by Italians who live abroad and prefer to come back to celebrate their wedding here “at home”.


The foreign couple who decides to come to Italy to get married can mix the beauty of the Italian traditions with their own habits, but there are some specific elements to consider since the beginning, before starting planning the wedding.

First of all, living hundreds or thousands of kilometers away do not allow many meetings and visits in the place chosen for the wedding.

Usually, they are very intimate weddings, with few guests because of the problem of moving a large number of guests.

For those who decide to come to Italy from very far away, or also for those who get married in a different town, it is recommended to hire a wedding planner who will lead a central role in the wedding organization.

We of Il Riso e il Raso will remotely help you choose and define all the details to customize your wedding, from the perfect location to the photographer and the florists, etc., but most of all the entertainment and the overnight for your guests.

Once you will be in Italy a few days before the wedding, we will define the last details face to face.


In the choice of the Italian wedding locations, you’d be spoilt of choice, even though some are very popular like Rome, Venice, Verona and Florence, Tuscany in general and the lakes, the Amalfi coast and Sicily, with the beautiful Taormina. You cannot forget that there also places less known to strangers, but still full of medieval history, art and culture, like Ferrara, Bologna and all the Emilia Romagna in general.

There is no need to expatriate to organize the perfect elopement. Italy is full of beautiful places where to pronounce the faithful yes without renouncing to the company of your dearest friends (but reducing the list of the guests, and reducing also the final cost of the wedding). Friends and relatives can also have a little vacation and the newlyweds can start their honeymoon.

Every year, many foreigners come to Italy to get married, so why should Italian couples renounce to do the same?

We of Il Riso e il Raso propose weddings in Ferrara, Bologna, Veneto and Tuscany and, thanks to recent agreements with a colleague wedding planner, also in the beautiful Taormina.


Getting married in Ferrara has many advantages, not only from the economic point of view.

First of all, its geographic position is strategic, because it is close to the major roads, highways, railways and airports, with places full of art and culture and with an excellent offer of food and wine.

We will organize tours with the couple and their guests, visiting the most important close cities, but also wine cellars, etc. Everything will be in order to make this holiday unforgettable.


There is little to say about this wonderful place. The sea is the perfect frame for every kind of event and the town has beautiful and cozy facilities for fabulous weddings as well.



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