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With the Civil Union Law of the 20th May 2017 n. 76 called “Regulation of the civil union between same sex people and rule of cohabitation”, entered into force only with the publication of the bridge law on the 28th of July (regulation of the law from the practical point of view) and with the formularies of the Home Office, the first official unions were created since the first days of August 2016. This has been a great goal, even though there is still a lot to achieve in matter of rights.

Finally, we can propose to same sex couples who want to get married not only a symbolic rite, but a complete package including our assistance in the bureaucratic part to our choices for the wedding gay party: the location, the catering, the music, the flowers, the invitations, the party favors, the photographers, etc., everything you need to make this moment wonderful and unforgettable.

The location of the event can be Ferrara, Bologna, but also the close Veneto or Tuscany, where we have already organized other weddings.

Recently, we have connected with a wedding planner in Taormina, so that we can propose you beautiful events in this area, organizing everything (or almost) from your town to move to the chosen location.


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